I contribute to my community through participation in my choir, the Amadeus Chorale.  I have sung in Amadeus for ten years now, since I was in third grade.  Being a vocalist in a choral setting for so long has helped me to become a better musician and , in addition, a better member of society.  
Darla Bair, the artistic director of the Amadeus Chorale, has taught me numerous choir etiquette tips: to introduce myself to the people sitting next to me, help younger singers find a spot to stand in their sections, and most importantly, "listen more than I sing."  Listening to the voices near me blends the sound of the whole choir.  It prevents any singer from standing out unpleasantly.  It also fosters a team mindset among singers.  I know that joining my voice with the voices of others actively spreads positive energy and generates beauty in the world. 
                                            M. M   10-year singer

"Thank you, Miss Bair, for being an inspiring teacher.  You always make practice entertaining.  You give us advice in fun ways, tell jokes and stories, and say exactly what you think.  I always feel comfortable and have fun during rehearsals.  I also appreciate the passion for music and self-expression you show through teaching.  This chorle has been a beautiful experience.  Really,  How Can I Keep from Singing?"    K.J. Singer

NEED SCIENCE to convince you?  "Brain-scanning studies have found that the anatomical change in musicians' brains is related to the age when training began.  It shouldn't be surprising, but learning at a younger age causes the most drastic changes."  For the better!! from www.inc.com/john-rampton/the-benefits-of-playing-music-help-your-brain-more.html?fbclid=IwAR2Nov95bZq3kWZLlPA522GsTF_Oy8EM

(The song) Imagine was such a perfect choice.  Your introduction at the concert was just what the world needs right now.  This weekend, (our) child who is Muslim and celebrates the cultural aspect of Christian holidays with Mom, sang a song in Hebrew, in a Christian church and learned that it's okay.  It's okay to share religions, because sharing doesn't negate your own beliefs, but creates bonds with and understanding of other people.  It should be about coming together and not finding our differences, but our common ground, because we all have something in common, even if it takes some searching.  It was especially emotional for our entire family.        M.K  Amadeus singer's mother

"It was a beautiful show last night.  You have trained these children, right down to little ones, so well.  They are unabashed
as Irish dancers move around them and girls come flying off the stage because of sudden illness.  This organization is so incredibly impressive.  Every one of those kids feels respected and cherished and this empowers them to be more and to accomplish more than any young child would ever be expected to do in our current society.  I want to thank you, as a fellow educator, as a mom, and as an adult who believes in high expectations for our children; thank you for believing enough in children to give them exactly what they need; for giving them a chance to prove to themselves, their families and their community that though they are little, they are mighty!"   D. W.

"I just recommended Amadeus to someone today - always trying to help other kids get in on the experience." W.A.   homeschooling mother of longtime singer

"...it is difficult to fully explain how the experience of being with this chorale has impacted our families... the maturity and growth, the acceptance of others, and of course the musicality... We have all received such blessings from their participation!"    S.J. (mother of an alumna, after the 20th anniversary alumni concert)

"This choir is how I get away from the stress of life in general.  I keep coming back because once I have experienced the beauty we can create, I felt I don't want to stop.  This is my fourth year in this choir and I have loved every minute of the songs we've sung and the things we've done."  Pete

The "ladies" of the social club, dressed to sing "Lime Green Jello"        Amadeus at the Kennedy Center 

Welcome! You've taken the first step toward investing in your child's musical future. Our alumni -some with TEN YEAR membership pins - take pride in having an entry on their resumes that they've earned with discipline and hard work, along with support from home!

Amadeus rehearses once per week from September through May.   Concerts are scheduled on weekends to avoid conflicts with school events.   Our fee schedule, along with a tuition assistance and application packet are available on request.

The next step is an easy one:   Call or email us today using the information at the bottom of this page to begin the application/audition process.   We encourage all parents and children interested in joining the Amadeus Chorale to attend a rehearsal. By observing our singers at work, potential members and their parents can gain valuable insight into our style of training and our diverse repertoire.  Or email us for an informational packet.   Many years from now, your son or daughter will be glad you did!   We are proud of our singers’ musicality, and of their exemplary behavior that allows them to adapt to any singing situation.  The singers are taught to be flexible, while at the same time always holding themselves to high musical standards.  To learn more about how your son or daughter can benefit from becoming a member of the Amadeus Chorale, be sure to call or email to request an information packet today!


The information packet includes a Registration form, Parent Handbook and most recent monthly newsletter.  

Smiles from fans...

Hi, Darla!  I certainly enjoyed the concert on Sunday.  The Amadeus Chorale was terrific as always!                                Congrats!  Lon      (Lon Beery, composer, ASCAP)

Greetings, Darla,    Your kids were STELLAR.   I have worked in professional theaters with children trained for that work, but I have NEVER seen such calm stillness amongst dozens of young performers.  You, and they, should be MIGHTY proud!   Please also tell them that I was completely wowed by their singing and their signing.  How lovely it was to watch the ballet of their hands add to the beauty of their voices, and the meaning of their song.  Congratulations to all of them, and to you!          Sincerest best wishes,  Marcia Weinert

Sent Sun, Feb 8, 2015 9:01 pm           Subject: Impressive performance today                                                                         I would like to tell you how impressed I was with your chorus at A Taste of Song today.  Not only did you sing beautifully, while signing (most adult choruses would have trouble doing both at the same time!) but when the curtains opened on you early, the children responded so professionally!  I didn’t see anyone fidgeting or swaying or wiggling or making faces – they all stood still and respectfully waited until it was time for them to sing.  You have a wonderful group of young performers!     Karen Wedge Landry

Darla, Just wanted to tell you that with the curtain rising too soon, your singers did a fantastic job staying there and not moving before they were able to sing.  They sounded fantastic.  Please relay to them my greetings and tell them they did a fantastic job musically as well.                Jean Weaver (singer with Spencerport Community Chorus)

My name is Veronica Hill and I am a choir member of the Genesee Valley Orchestra and Chorus that performed at the Prism concert on February 8th.  I just HAD to write to tell you how much I enjoyed the Amadeus Chorus’ performance.  In my opinion, the song that was sung and signed was the BEST one of the entire Prism concert!  I meant it!  There was total silence in the audience when it was sung – both at rehearsal and the public concert, too.  It was magnificent!                            Also, I wanted to comment on the dignity and mature behavior of your chorus on stage during the time that the curtain was raised on your group much too early – while the chorus before them was still performing.  Your students remained perfectly still and did not distract from the performance going on beneath the stage.  That was a testament both to their character and to your outstanding training. You must be SO proud of these young people for having so much talent and such discipline. 

Walking off the field after singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a Buffalo Bills game

The Amadeus Chorale Youth Singers                                                                                                                             Phone: 585.494.1795      Email: musictohealourworld@gmail.com