The Amadeus Chorale is proud to provide a Musical Education that fulfills all requirements for national and state Music standards.  But there is so much more offered!  Not only does your singer receive instruction in musical skills and vocal production, s/he also is working as part of a professional team.  A team that plays together, laughs together, and moves towards a common goal of excellence.  Competition has its value in our lives, but our director believes there should not be competition in the Amadeus Chorale. 

                "It's the one place that I go every week that doesn't have a grade or a score.  We just all work together."                                                                                                                                                  ~ a fifth-grade singer

     The Amadeus Chorale was founded by a Master Educator, Darla Bair.  She was one of the pioneering homeschooling mothers in the area. When homeschooling was mostly underground and parents were cautious about who they spoke to concerning education at home, she was teaching her daughters at home.  There were no co-ops, there was no support. There were a few books on the subject, but there was much eye-brow raising and much questioning.  

     Miss Bair went on to teach Music in public schools, but holds a fond place in her heart for families who choose to educate at home.  Her book "Singing Families," helps homeschooling parents teach musical concepts that are not addressed in private lessons.  The accompanying CD was recorded by the Amadeus Chorale Youth Singers.