Choral Performance Training 

for ages 7-18 in Rochester, NY

     There's more to be learned from Music Education than just music: Discipline, patience, teamwork, timing, and learning to balance busy schedules are just a few of the life-lessons that our singers encounter every day. The Amadeus Chorale has earned its reputation for being more than just a musical group for young people:   Our singers are preparing for better lives through music.

     We'd like to hear about your son or daughter!   Is he in All-County Chorus? Does she stand out in your local church choir? Or does he or she just love to sing? Our members enjoy performing and recording almost every style of music, going on tours, performing with professional musicians and composers, and in all of it, learning important performance behavior and skills! Some examples of our past performances include:

recording for GEVA, Rochester's Equity Theatre                                                                                                                 singing with several symphonies, including The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra                                                           singing with the Chieftans at Rochester Auditorium Theater                                                                                                 singing for the Tree Lighting at Rochester General Hospital each December                                                                     singing for Colin Powell, Rudolph Giuliani and British Prime Minister John Major                                                           singing at the National Cathedral, Independence Hall, and Old North Church                                                                     singing on Peter Jennings' World News Tonight                                                                                                             singing in Madison Square Garden, New York City  

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We had fun creating our Performance Etiquette video.  Click the video to the right ...